Evidence for the use of
Helminthic Therapy

Evidence for the use of helminthic immunotherapy to treat allergies,
atopy, immune dysregulation, autoimmunity and chronic inflammation

Understanding in minute detail how helminthic therapy works is not a requirement for purchasing it. But it is our belief that most of you considering this would feel more comfortable knowing some of the evidence that exists and being able to provide it to your doctor and to your family. That is what this section, Evidence, is for. We have organized the main pieces of evidence that we are aware of, scientific papers, personal accounts, etc., by disease.

For those of you who prefer personal accounts we have those, too. There are written accounts, a video of a client who had allergies and asthma, and we can provide email address or phone numbers for clients of all kinds. Just contact us if you would like to speak directly with a client of ours who had your disease.

If you would prefer to skip reading this site and just obtain some of the scientific papers upon which our faith in this therapy is based please use our contact page to request the documents. Be sure to name your disease or conditions so we can send information that applies to you. We will also supply general information about the effects of helminthic therapy on inflammation and on the safety of helminthic therapy.

Which diseases have responded well to helminthic therapy?

Allergies, Asthma, Autism, Crohn's Disease, Eczema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Sjögren's Syndrome, and Ulcerative Colitis have together responded with better than 75% success in our experience. Our experience is not, however, subject to the rigors of scientific research and as good as our results have been we cannot guarantee that results for you will be satisfactory. With one exception: we are so impressed with the response of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis that we guarantee satisfaction after one year using helminthic therapy or we will refund your money. Please contact us for details.

Please refer to the pages within the Evidence section for more information or contact us for scientific papers, personal accounts, or communication by telephone or email with some of our clients.

What if my disease is not listed here? Is helminthic therapy only effective in treating the diseases you list?

We believe that many more diseases than have been, or currently are, being studied could benefit from this approach, as we discuss here. If you have a chronic condition that involves immune dysregulation, autoimmunity or inflammation that is not listed here, please contact us. We offer treatment without charge(1), under certain conditions, if we believe the approach is safe and has a reasonable chance of success. Please review the safety section and then contact us for details. A disease we are particularly interested in preventing is Type 1 Diabetes, and diseases we are particularly interested in treating include Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.

Review papers and discussing helminthic therapy with your doctor

Review papers are digests of current thinking and research on a particular topic. Scientists and doctors use them to say abreast of current thinking and they are usually much easier to read and understand than research papers. If you plan on speaking to your doctor about helminthic therapy before trying it, which is what we recommend, these are the papers you should take with you.

We are also happy to help and we enjoy discussing the evidence with physicians and scientists. We welcome the chance to speak with our clients’ doctors. If you are interested please contact us first, then make arrangements with your doctor, and we will handle the conference call. Please be aware that we do require that at least one of your treating physicians be aware of your decision to proceed with therapy if that is your choice and we strongly recommend that you inform every doctor you deal with of your choice after treatment. Doctors treating you need to know about anything affecting your health to do their job properly—it is just good sense.

If you would like more scientific papers please contact us, we have much more material than space allows on this web site.

(1). If we agree to treat your condition without any direct evidence that it might be effective, we do so with the intention of gathering that evidence by treating you. For that reason we will not charge for your treatment. However you will have to obtain periodic tests at your own or your insurance company's expense to enable us to objectively track your response to helminthic therapy. In addition, you will be obligated to answer our periodic surveys and to provide us with a video interview after our research is complete, for our use in marketing treatment for your condition. You are required to answer all questions truthfully and completely and we have the right to use your answers and the video interview in perpetuity. No personal distinguishing details, like your name, will be used without your prior written permission.

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