Sjogren's Syndrome &
Helminthic Therapy

Evidence for the use of helminths to treat Sjögren's Syndrome


There has been no research into the effect of helminths on the course of Sjögren's Syndrome, most of the evidence to date consists of our experience treating clients, and the numbers we have treated for Sjögren's Syndrome are not statistically reliable. With Sjögren's more than for any other condition we treat the fact that this is an experimental approach is evident. Having said that the small amount of experience we do have is very encouraging.

For this reason the science we offer concerns the impact of helminthic therapy upon the immune system, the relative proportions of cytokines like Interleukin-10, Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha, etc. Therefore the demands on you, to understand the mechanism of Sjögren's, the kind of cytokine profile associated with the disease, and correlating that with the impact of helminthic therapy, is very demanding. Compounding all this is the fact that science's understanding of both Sjogren's and helminthic therapy is incomplete.

Having said all that we know that modern medicines offerings, eye drops, etc., for Sjogren's is not very helpful, and we do know that the only risk associated with trying helminthic therapy is financial, and perhaps that you might appear foolish to your uniformed friends and relatives if you try this approach and it does not work. Assuming you tell them. All we require is that you be under the care of a physician who is aware of your use of helminthic therapy and who agrees to continue to act as your physician knowing that.

Reading scientific literature is very demanding, if you have not studied microbiology, or the immune system, or parasitology, at the college level we strongly recommend you enlist the help of someone who has, perhaps your doctor. If that is your plan and you would like us to provide a good cross-section of the science that is available and applicable to Sjogren's please contact us and we will send you a package you can print out and share with your helpers. Please bear in mind that most European and American doctors are not at all familiar with parasites (no one gets them in the areas they serve so they don't get a lot of training) and probably share the common misconceptions and prejudices of the general population. To obtain good advice, that is not skewed by bias, will require that you ask multiple people to help. At the least you should do so to get a cross-section of advice.

With that honest, if unexciting build-up, we present the science and a client's account. To jump ahead to "Cal's" account (he provides his phone number and welcomes calls) click here.

Personal Accounts

To protect the privacy of our clients we use pseudonyms unless given permission in writing to do otherwise. Although our client's name is changed, he has asked that we provide his telephone number and email address so that you can contact him if you like. Please contact us for Cal's telephone number or email address.

”Cal’s” Account of Treating Multiple Sclerosis and Sjogren’s Syndrome using Helminthic Therapy

When I was in my teens I began to have symptoms of multiple sclerosis (numbness, dizziness, fatigue). I was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the fall of 1995 at the age of 41 by two doctors - including a board certified Neurologist. After starting a low saturated fat diet in late 1995, my multiple sclerosis diminished in severity, and was limited to flares in the fall and spring.

I regularly had blood tests and physicals by a neurologist to keep track of my condition.

Late in 2000 my yearly blood tests showed that Sjogren's Specific Antibody tests and Anti-Nuclear Antibodies began to rise though they were in the normal ranges. Unfortunately, two years later the test results and my physical symptoms led to the diagnosis by a Rheumatologist that I had Sjogren's Syndrome as well as having multiple sclerosis.

After developing full blown Sjogren’s Syndrome in 2002, my twice yearly multiple sclerosis flares became more, and more intense (though thankfully I developed no new multiple sclerosis symptoms). By 2007, my multiple sclerosis flares had become periodically disabling because of overwhelming fatigue. I had to be in bed for 4-6 weeks twice a year for 18-24 hours a day due to this intense fatigue. For many additional weeks I needed to be in a recliner to rest for many hours each day.

In early 2007, I became intrigued by several medical journal articles on research that dealt with the idea that rise in modern autoimmune disorders may be related to the elimination of mutualistic symbionts in humans in the early 19th and 20th century: the hygiene hypothesis

The research being done at universities around the world indicated that by infecting people with small, benign doses of mutualistic symbionts, many difficult to treat autoimmune disorders either greatly improved or were put into remission.

With multiple sclerosis, I was being asked by my MD to try Betaseron or some other disease modifying drug for multiple sclerosis. Betaseron has a large number of potentially dangerous side effects. so I was reluctant to do so as I had had no new symptoms for a decade. Plus, I had heard horror stories of high-school class mates who have multiple sclerosis as well, and had major problems with these medicines.

The results using mutualistic symbionts at universities were spectacular for a number of autoimmune diseases. The research being done at universities around the world indicated that by infecting people with small, benign doses of mutualistic symbionts, many difficult to treat autoimmune disorders either greatly improved or were put into remission.

The thinking behind these results was that low levels of mutualistic symbionts helped autoimmune disease because the human immune system evolved to be "normal" in the presence of mutualistic symbionts. These mutualistic symbionts have been with all humans for the hundreds of thousands of years of human existence. They were even probably with our genetic ancestors. Without these mutualistic symbionts being present many people's immune systems cannot function properly. This is because people evolved with immune systems that required the presence of normal flora and fauna of the gut, and because of antibiotics, cleaner living conditions, etc., this was no longer present (mutualistic symbionts).

For me, I decided that the risks associated with getting inoculated with hookworms (helminthic therapy as it is now known) were very minimal. If the treatment worked, I could obtain important gains in the quality of my life. The hookworms were easy to get rid of if I decided that I did not benefit from them. The financial risk was the only real risk I could see and compared to what I was suffering this seemed to me to be a very small risk. So I contacted Jasper at Autoimmune Therapies and was inoculated with hookworm on September 26, 2007.

My Sjogren’s Syndrome was greatly improved by the inoculation of hookworms, but I received a very welcome bonus from the hookworm treatment- a great improvement in multiple sclerosis flares and the related fatigue and neurological symptoms. With the hookworms present, my flares were limited to a 2-4 weeks of rest for 12-16 hours a day- much of it in a recliner instead of being confined to my bed around the clock. The feeling of being overwhelmed by fatigue was greatly diminished. I would say that I had a 50-80% improvement in my multiple sclerosis flares from the inoculation.

To me, this has been a Godsend! I am able to still have a life during the multiple sclerosis flares which I largely lost with the onset of Sjogren’s Syndrome. Additionally, I have had a similar reduction in the duration and intensity in the return of the old neurological symptoms that I had in the mid 1990's. Jasper explained to me before treatment that hookworm could only stop the disease from progressing, that it could not undo the permanent scarring and tissue damage.

My side effects from the first 20 larvae inoculation was mainly itching (controlled with oral and topical antihistamines like benadryl) a day and a half of flu-like symptoms, followed by a few weeks of on-and-off gas and slight fatigue. I did not have any side effects, as Jasper had predicted, with subsequent inoculations.

My main benefits were in the area of Sjogren’s Syndrome (see my Sjogren’s Syndrome account). It has erased years off the progress of the Sjogren’s Syndrome, but the benefit to my multiple sclerosis has been substantial and welcome!

I am happy to discuss my experience with the hookworm inoculation- just call my phone (below) and mention hookworms. If I do not answer, leave your number and I will try to get back to you ASP.

My best wishes for your good health!


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